Arbeitskreispraktikum, bachelor and master theses

We are happy to receive applications for practical courses, bachelor and master theses.

Application procedure:

  • Please note that emails from/to us with many external email providers (Example:, gmx, outlook, hotmail, gmail, yahoo) may be LOST or classified SPAM/JUNK. Please send your application and all communication only via .
  • Please read information on our research interests in our homepage and in our publications.
  • For all positions please send an email to Ilka Siebels ( commenting on your motivation to join our lab and describe your specific interest in our research; (i.e) topics and methods that you would like to work with.
  • Note that we receive lot more applications than places we have.


  • According to the Prüfungsordnung Chemie, we offer only practical courses of 8 weeks.
  • We can only accept students that have fundamental skills in biochemistry as taught in Chemische Biologie Praktikum 1 (GU Frankfurt).
  • Students of e.g. Biochemistry, who have a different Prüfungsordnung can also apply as outlined above and we will try to find extra slots, if possible.
  • Please apply via email with the 'motivation letter' as outlined above until the deadlines.

Bachelor thesis:

  • Please apply via email with a 'motivation letter' as outlined above until the deadlines as indicated in the table below.

Master thesis:

  • Please apply via email with a 'motivation letter' as outlined above. We will respond as soon as possible.
  • We continually evaluate these Master thesis applications (no deadlines) but there are limited places.
  • Anmeldung zur Masterarbeit im Prüfungsamt nur möglich, wenn nötige CPs vorhanden; bitte im Vorhinein im QIS überprüfen.
  • Please carefully read "Laufzettel Masterarbeit" before you apply to a Master thesis.
  • Please note that we rarely have open PhD positions.

Deadlines for all applications determined by semester dates:

For WS
  • Send your application until start date of SoSe
  • Our decision/reply within 2-3 weeks
  • Deadline WS 20/21
    Work time: 12.10.20 – 11.04.21
    Application until: 13.04.20
    Decision & Reply: 2-3 weeks later
    For SoSe
  • Send your application until start date of WS
  • Our decision/reply within 2-3 weeks
  • Deadline SoSe 21
    Work time: 12.04.21 – 17.10.21
    Application until: 11.10.20
    Decision/Reply: 2-3 weeks later
    Note: In all cases, we need a strong motivation letter.

    Last updated: March 2020

    Teaching information

    Goethe University Frankfurt, Fachbereich Biochemie, Chemie, Pharmazie

    Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Department Biochemistry

    • Contributions to lecture "Biochemie 4" (SoSe09)
    • Contributions to lecture “Strukturbiologie” (WiSe09/10)
    • Seminar “Biomoleküle in der Technologie” (WiSe09/10)
    • Practical course “Biochemisches Praktikum 1” (33%, WiSe09)
    • Practical course “Biochemisches Praktikum 2” (33%, WiSe09/10, WiSe10/11)
    • Lecture “Biochemie 3/4” (50%, SoSe10 and SoSe11)

    University Vienna, Faculty of Chemistry

    • Seminar “Biomoleküle in der Technologie” (SoSe10, 270137)
    • Lecture “Biologische Chemie I” (WiSe10/11, 270005)

    Access to study material