Arbeitskreispraktikum, bachelor and master theses

We are happy to accept applications for practical courses, bachelor and master theses.

Application procedure:

  • Please read information on our research interests in our homepage and in our publications.
  • For all positions please send an email to Ilka Siebels ( commenting on your motivation to join our lab and describe your specific interest in our research; (i.e) topics and methods that you would like to work with.
  • Note that we receive lot more applications than places we have.


  • Practical course will be a group course with up to three students. We can only accept students that have fundamental skills in biochemistry as taught in “Chemische Biologie Praktikum 1 (GU Frankfurt)”.
  • Note: This course is designed as a four week course predominantly for students in Chemistry. Students in e.g. Biochemistry who need a six week practical can also apply as outlined above and we will try to find extra slots.
  • Please apply via email with the 'motivation letter' as outlined above until the deadlines.

Bachelor thesis: Please apply via email with a 'motivation letter' as outlined above until the deadlines as indicated in the table below.

Master thesis: Please apply via email with a 'motivation letter' as outlined above. We will respond as soon as possible. We continually evaluate these applications (no deadlines) but there are very limited places. Please note that we rarely have open PhD positions. See also "Laufzettel Masterarbeit".

Motivation letter Work time Application until Decision/Reply
Arbeitskreispraktikum Sep 2019
Apr 2020
22nd Mar 2018
20th Oct 2019
29th Mar 2018
27th Oct 2019
Bachelor thesis Jan - Jun 2020
Jul - Dec 2020
19th Jul 2019
24th Jan 2020
26th Jul 2019
31th Jan 2020
Master thesis Please apply by email as outlined above. We will respond as soon as possible.
No deadlines. See also "Laufzettel Masterarbeit".

Last updated: Jan 2019

Teaching information

Goethe University Frankfurt, Fachbereich Biochemie, Chemie, Pharmazie

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Department Biochemistry

  • Contributions to lecture "Biochemie 4" (SoSe09)
  • Contributions to lecture “Strukturbiologie” (WiSe09/10)
  • Seminar “Biomoleküle in der Technologie” (WiSe09/10)
  • Practical course “Biochemisches Praktikum 1” (33%, WiSe09)
  • Practical course “Biochemisches Praktikum 2” (33%, WiSe09/10, WiSe10/11)
  • Lecture “Biochemie 3/4” (50%, SoSe10 and SoSe11)

University Vienna, Faculty of Chemistry

  • Seminar “Biomoleküle in der Technologie” (SoSe10, 270137)
  • Lecture “Biologische Chemie I” (WiSe10/11, 270005)

Access to study material